I experimented with many different materials and techniques, early in my sculptural practice, but have persisted weaving waste and natural materials. My use of materials has changed since moving to the Central Highlands of Victoria as natural materials are more readily available, whereas when I resided in Melbourne waste was in abundance.

I joined the Basketmakers of Victoria in 2007 and have been using techniques developed at workshops held through this generous community organisation ever since. I have predominantly used traditional weaving processes with contemporary materials and enjoy the contrast of old and new. I collect discarded objects and materials and reuse them in the creation of sculpture as I have been dedicated to recycling for an extended period. More recently I have been using plant material from my garden, as each year plants need to be pruned and the waste material can be used in my fibre artworks or otherwise utilised in my home compost.

In the past I had an autobiographical approach to making art and was influenced by my immediate surroundings and life experiences. I enjoyed leaving the meaning of the sculptural works open to imaginative inquiry of the viewer, so they become participants in making meaning of the artworks. There has been a gradual shift to exploring environmental concerns that have become significant to a growing number of Artists.