Cordyceps of Lavandula

I created a site-specific sculpture for a group exhibition held by the Spa Country Sculptors called Under the Autumn Sky at Lavandula in Hepburn during 2014.

The sculpture did not impact on the building as it sat on a cement ledge above one of the doorways of the entrance building. I visited the site to plan and start construction of Cordyceps of Lavandula. I began by squashing newspaper into the corner of the ledge to create a moulded form. This was used as the starting point that I took away with me to continue in my home studio.


Cordyceps of LavandulaJodie Goldring, Cordyceps of Lavandula, newspaper, brick, Paverpol, gauze & acrylic paint, 120cm high x 120cm wide and 60cm deep, 2014