Sea of Denim Egg

Yering Station Sculpture Award 2007

With this project I collaborated with a graphic designer and video editor to create a digital sculpture. It has been created by taking Denim Egg into the digital realm where it has been repeated and manipulated in Photoshop. A moving image and sounds of the sea have been added to the artwork using Final Cut Pro. A layered digital image loops for approximately 9 seconds in duration so that subtle wave or pulse movements occur to a still image. Sea of Denim Egg was projected onto a glass wall at Yering Station so that the audience could experience the site in a new way. With Sea of Denim Egg traditional craft processes are contrasted with new media to reinvigorate sculptural space.

Livingstone Audio was a sponsor for this project.


Sea of Denim Egg – Artist statement

Living in the outer east I see repeated forms and wonder what lies beneath. Denim encased life is everywhere. Repeated forms slide underneath my perception to create background noise. I see denim but no longer regard it. It can be recycled once discarded and transformed. Through this process I put denim under scrutiny. I ask: Will denim life forms break out of the comforts that confine to realize their potential? Will anything be revealed in this process or are the denim eggs infertile? In Sea of Denim Egg things unconscious try to make themselves known. The collective unconscious is electric and holds the eggs in place. The buzz builds and loops and mesmerizes.

No1 Sea of Denim EggJodie Goldring, Sandra Soccol & Ben Everett, Sea of Denim Egg, 2007, digital sculpture, 100cm high x 150cm wide.

No2 Denim EggJodie Goldring, Denim Egg, 2006, denim jeans and copper wire, 50cm high x 30cm wide