I taught secondary student’s art at Billanook College in the outer east of Melbourne for a period of 7 years from early 2005. I enjoyed teaching young people art a range of subjects from Art and Technology at Year 7 through to VCE Art at Year 12.

In 2012 I took long service leave and spent the year house sitting in a number of towns in the Central Highlands of Victoria to get to know the region. I took the plunge and made a permanent ‘tree change’ to the region at the end of this exploratory year.

In 2013 I made the transition from Secondary Art Teacher to Primary Art Specialist, which was a professionally rewarding and enriching experience. I taught at St Francis Xavier Primary School in Ballarat for 2 years in a maternity leave position. I then commuted to Craigieburn during 2015 to work at Aitken Creek Primary School.

I was surprised at how different the primary school was from the secondary one and my ability to adapt to a new educational context encouraged me to pursue new goals with confidence. One of my current professional goals is to work closely with my local community in order to build lasting and meaningful connections.

In 2016 I have been training people with disabilities in an Independent Living Skills Program run by a not for profit organisation called Pinarc that is located in Ballarat.

I have also started teaching basketry for a range of organisations and to a diverse range of participants in regard to their ability and age. For example I have been teaching adults at Creswick Neighbourhood Centre from June 2015 and will soon start at Darley Neighbourhood House in Spring 2016.

DSC_7915Showing students how to build their skills.

DSC_7916Supporting students to give it a go.

DSC_7902Encouraging interpersonal learning when students help each other.