Boundary Between Self and Other

Solo exhibition 2006 – Boundary between Self and Other 

In this show I have continued an autobiographical approach to art-making. There has been exploration of identity and relation with others. I wove a series of copper wire works using a technique developed and refined since undergraduate studies in 2000. A fine and meandering thread links the sculptural works; there has been break through in process by sorting, shifting and airing. Some of the sculptural constructions look as if they are still being built others seems in states of decay: They are not solid and there is implied movement. In initial stages of preparation for this show I walked and drew trees in Dandenong Ranges National Park. Trees in this forest have inspired sculptural works such as Pierced SeedMistletoes in Atrophy and Protective Tree.

Shadows projected from the sculptural works were used to create a series of colourful pencil drawings. The shadow drawings rework sculptural space and develop pattern making through repetition. Using colour I have been able to allude to emotional and psychic states. The shadow drawings are solid aspects of the sculptural works: Specific moments have been captured; inside and outside the sculptural body has been elaborated.

Notes from red galley’s website

Boundary between Self and Other is a calm and contemplative investigation into the connections that link individuals. The exhibition is an autobiographical exploration of identity through pattern making and repetition.

Jenny Port

Install View Solo 2006 no1
Jodie Goldring, installation view of Boundary Between Self & Other, variable dimensions, recycled copper wire & colour pencil, 2006
Jodie Goldring, Shadow Drawing Pierced Seed, 60cm high x 84cm wide, colour pencil, 2006
Unravel final
Jodie Goldring, Unravel, 160cm high x 60cm wide x 50cm deep, recycled copper wire, 2006
Jodie Goldring, Pierced Seed, 80cm high x 40cm round, recycled copper wire, 2006
Jodie Goldring, Mistletoes in Atrophy, 80cm high x 50cm wide, recycled copper wire, 2006