Coiled Basketry

Making a functional COILED basket 2015

Basketry is an ancient craft that is relevant in contemporary life as it allows us to slow down and experience the satisfaction of creating something hand made. Participants learn how to use natural and man-made materials to coil a functional basket. Coiling is a technique that involves wrapping or stitching an active element around a passive core.

Participants at workParticipants at work at an all day coiled basketry workshop, Creswick Neighbourhood Centre, June 2015

CoiledJodie Goldring, coiled basket, cordyline, cotton and silk threads, 28cm wide x 22 cm deep x 6cm high, 2015

p1220676Participants making coiled baskets at the Ballarat Steiner School, October 2016.

image1-copyA rare occasion when one of my participants sends me a picture of their finished basket.

Making a functional COILED basket 2017

In May I worked with four ladies at the Darley Neighbourhood House (DNH)  to make functional coiled baskets. I echoed this workshop in June to a large group of women at the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre (CNC). Coiling is a time consuming technique so with these workshops participants started with interestingly textured river red gum bases. Adding patterned fabric lengths to the core ensured each and every basket was unique and some of the colour combination were splendid.

BasketsFinal baskets from the workshop at the CNC.

P1230459Ingrid at work at the CNC showing careful coiling and the beautiful textured bark base.

P1230379Ladies concentrating on their baskets at DNH.

At workA full house at CNC!

End of dayA bright sunny afternoon that finished an enjoyable and productive winters day.

IMG_20170611_232215 2Thank you to Margot who finished her basket and sent me a photo.

Making a functional COILED basket 2018

IMG_0864Baskets at the end of the day at Creswick Neighbourhood Centre in June 2018.