Cornish Hill

Friends of Cornish Hill have been regenerating this site in Daylesford for over a decade with the help of volunteers and students from the Daylesford Secondary College. See link for details of their work over the years. Friends of Cornish Hill

Margie Thomas is the leader of this community effort and has been organising environmental education days at Cornish Hill for over 2 years. I volunteered in 2018 and ran 2 projects in 2019.

See below the 21 birds that visit or live on Cornish Hill depicted as signage that was exhibited on the Hill and then taken to participating schools for educational purposes. This day was held on October 15 in 2019 to the theme of ‘Rainbows in the Air’ for about 45 children and their teachers from primary schools in the area.


See below Images of grass boats made in March 2019 by approximately 60 children. The days activities were around the theme of “Water; what lives in it and around it.” I talked about the spring water that flows through Cornish Hill; where is comes from, goes to and is impacted upon by humans. I asked the kids…What message do you want to give to people who use this special creek spring water downstream? We then made grass boats and displayed them on a small hill to depict a flotilla or armada of boats!