I help visitors participate in the festivals at Lavandula, a lovely Swiss Italian farm just north of Daylesford in Hepburn.

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

In October 2017, I helped visitors make shapes such as stars, flowers, hearts, angels and fish out of willow. Pictured below is my basketry table set up in the grounds of this beautiful farm.


In January 2018, I helped visitors make lavender wands for the Harvest Festival. I got there early and was shown how to harvest the lavender using a scythe.


In May 2018, I helped kids and their families make straw dolls for the Autumn Festival…under the watchful guidance of the geese! Younger kids needed help from their mums, dad or sisters!

IMG_0789IMG_0795IMG_0788Straw Dolls

On January 13th in 2019 the Lavender Harvest Festival was very busy so there was a flurry of people making lavender wands throughout the day. People of all ages really enjoyed the activity and one family spent all afternoon making wands on their picnic rug. We also had some very young kids give it a go with the help of their parents. No better way to spend the day that weaving at Lavandula!


For the Autumn Festival on Sunday May 19 in 2019 the weather was blissful, still and sunny, which bought many people to Lavandula for the day to enjoy a myriad of activities. see below some of the straw and rush dolls visitors made on the day…


During Spring 2019, I helped families make shapes out of willow that could be used to decorate front doors or Christmas trees. That year stars out of willow were a hit!


In January 2020, we made lavender wands again…why change a good thing!! Lovely to see the concentration and dedication shown by one family to make wands…I also made a friend who taught others how to make wands.