Early Projects

5 airlegs

Goldring, Airlegs, variable dimensions, balloons and stockings, Churchill Centre, 2002

Colin Duncan curated New IQ for the Midsumma Festival in 2002. He contacted me and requested to view my folio. When we met he was drawn to an experimental image from my undergraduate studies: A pair of stockings filled with balloons leaning in a corner. I spent 2 days in vacant shop space developing the idea further and came up with Airlegs. In the catalogue for the exhibition Colin Duncan wrote the following about Airlegs: “Jodie Goldring’s balloons sit somewhere between the frantic excitements of the childhood party and the maturing gaze. It is dark fun, sexual and non-sexual, bordering the obscene and the absurd”

inflatablesJodie Goldring, Closet and Intestinal Drip, variable dimensions, cast latex and sewn plastic sheeting, Ism, 2001

StKilda Plastic FruitJodie Goldring, Plastic Fruits, variable dimensions, plastic light shades, fibreglass and balloons, St Kilda Botanical Gardens, 2002

IrisJodie Goldring, Iris, 170cm x 80cm x 40cm, fibreglass and steel, Churchill Centre, installed May 2002

MasterCardJodie Goldring, MasterCard, 80cm x 130cm x 10cm, cast soap and foam base, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 2002

wooly four footedLeft: Jodie Goldring, Woolly 4 Footed and Incubator, variable dimensions, copper wire, balloons and stockings, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, 2003