Cordyceps at Home

Solo exhibition at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery in 2009

Artist Statement 

Cordyceps at Home shows my initial experiments creating woven attachments onto furniture. I am interested in developing these ideas further in a more expansive show in the future. I took time during 2006 and 2007 to research, learn and experiment with materials and techniques so that I had more traditional craft skills to utilize in the creation of this solo exhibition. I participated in a number of workshops through the Basket makers of Victoria to gain these skills and am grateful for the generosity of the members of this organization who are always willing to share their knowledge.

Cordyceps are parasitic fungi that literally replace the cells of animals and cause their premature death. The Chinese translation is – winter insect summer grass. By growing cordyceps on furniture I hope to lead the viewer into an imaginative inquiry about cyclic and changing relationships to the concept of home.

For more info please read the articles below: TEXTILE 2010 and Mitcham Leader 2009.

Textile Article

Article Leader_0002No 1 Waving Cordyceps 2Jodie Goldring, Chair with Waving Cordyceps, plastic fabric, wood and copper wire, 100cm high x 43cm wide, 2009

No 2 Hall's Painting 1Jodie Goldring, Hall’s Painting with Cordyceps, recycled painting, plastic bread bags, plastic pool toy, thread and copper wire, 44cm high x 37cm wide x 8cm deep x 45cm deep, 2009

No 3 Child's Chair 1Child's Chair with CordycepJodie Goldring, Child’s Chair with Cordyceps, plastic bread bags, thread, recycled chair, copper wire & hobby fill, 56cm high x 29cm wide x 33cm deep, 2009

No 7 Chair Cordyceps 1Jodie Goldring, Chair with Cordyceps 1, wool, jute, thread, combungi, palm bark, recycled chair, copper wire & hobby fill, 96cm high x 46cm wide x 96cm high x 46cm wide x 46cm deep, 2009