Live Willow Tunnel

Jodie Goldring and Anne Newton facilitated an all day Random Weave Workshop for 16 members of Wombat Arts on Sunday August 17, 2014 in Ballan. Some of the participants of this workshop came to Cricket Willow on Thursday August 28 to help create a Live Willow Tunnel. The tunnel is 3 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and 2 metres high and took a group of 7 people all day to make. The tunnel is nurtured by the owner/operator of Cricket Willow, who regularly gives it water during the summer months. Jodie Goldring and Isobel Esmore visit the tunnel each season to prune and continue to weave new growth into the tunnel so that it develops well over time.

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1 P1180125

The process of making of the Live Willow Tunnel continued…

2P1180131The process of making of the Live Willow Tunnel.3 Live Willow Tunnel

Pictured are expert weavers Anne Newton and Jodie Goldring with their newly trained random weavers, Mary-Teresa Ritchie, Sarah Peckham, Victoria Lane and Trish Edwards making the Live Willow Tunnel in August, 2014.

4 Tunnel 1

The Live Willow Tunnel in winter 2015.

5 Tunnel 2

The Live Willow Tunnel in winter 2016.

6 P1210963

A detail of the tunnel after 2 years of growth and training of the weavers.

IMG_0332January 2018 – before…

IMG_0340January 2018 – after…3 hours of weaving in and pruning…