During November 2018 Glenlyon locals and interested others from around the region participated in a series of weaving activities on the banks of the Loddon River with Mollongghip Artist Jodie Goldring. The focus was getting to know plants along the river and using them to learn weaving techniques with the guidance of an experienced Artist. Artworks made during this month were installed along the Biolink Walking Trail to create visual interest to passersby. Due the ephemeral nature of the work it will disintegrate over time, hence the name of the project Nature Devours Art.

During the project boat making and sailing was an enjoyable and successful day so when invited to make a commissioned artwork for the Glenlyon Hall Jodie chose to create a series of boats. The boats made have been carefully wrought using materials found on Biolink such as combungi bulrushes, messmate bark, willow and blackwood branches. The 5 boats echo the shape made by the river as it wends its way through the township.

5 bends around the river…5 sets of ears listening…5 boats bow to stern and stern to bow.

DSC_0773Jodie Goldring, Reverie, combungi bulrushes, messmate bark, cane, Willow and Blackwood branches, 2018

DSC_0776DSC_0785Reverie 2