Fluctuating Spaces Kick OFF!

We started Fluctuating Spaces at Daylesford Secondary…
Tuesday 18th Day 1 – Lots of discussion, thinking and writing about the theme for the project – change. And ideas on records.

Day 1Ideas on records

Wednesday 19th Day 2 – we created an art installation called Floating Tip (one mans trash is another mans treasure). And created shadow drawings…

Floating TipShadow Drawings of Floating TipFloating Tip DETAIL 2Floating Tip DETAIL 1

Thursday 20th Day 3 – we experimented with toothpicks and plasticine to make 3D ideas. “The Birdcage” was chosen and modified. We then started creating a larger version from sticks and potatoes. To be finished 2moro…

ideasToothpicks and pasticineBirdcage and modificationOrganising sticksOrganising spudsPlanningConstructing 0Constructing 1Constructing 2Constructing 3

Fluctuating Spaces – Friday April 21. We finished The Birdcage and it moved to the schools garden. “Lets see if we can get the potatoes to grow!” and we made another potato and stick sculpture – no planning, just making. We also went down to Wombat Flat on the bank of Lake Daylesford and collected willow for our next installation.

The BirdcageThe Birdcage Grows 2

Fluctuating Spaces – One day a week for the rest of Term 2… Wednesday 26th April. We used recycled electrical wire to randomly weave into recycled hanging basket frames. The students then started to work out how to bring them together to make an organic sculpture. We also wandered around the college and chose a site for the sculpture…site to be announced soon….


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