Stranglehold & Denim Egg

Strangle Hold and Denim Egg

“There is a serious and absurd relationship between 2 forms. The potential of Denim Egg may be determined by its material makeup. The future could be bleak if it falls into the eggcup shape of Strangle Hold. Or is Denim Egg lifting up out of this trap and floating off to something more.” Jodie Goldring

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 8.24.58 am

Stranglehold and Denim Egg were exhibited in CrossXpollinatioN 2019, an exhibition which celebrates fibre and textile art and showcases the talents of artists from near and far. It is proudly supported by the Colac Otway Shire Council, as well as community sponsors Tarndie and the Baronga Motor Inn.

CrossXpollinatioN has supported growth in fibre and textile art for 7 years by encouraging artists to inspire each other by ‘crossXpollinating’ and aims to continue this endeavour into the future. 

For more information go to COPACC website…




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