Harvesting materials

In January I am busy harvesting natural materials, drying them and storing them for the year ahead…

IMG_3762Barley straw from the neighbouring farmers agricultural crop for the bee skep workshop in July…

P1250656Lots of lovely leaves (bearded iris and aunty Eliza) for melon basket workshops.

P1250665More leaves (Bearded iris, aunty Eliza & bullrushes) for melon basket workshops…

IMG_3766Carefully split flax for twining.

IMG_3785A bag of donated fabric strips were sorted into colours and the white ones rusted in a big steamer for stitching and coiling…

2 thoughts on “Harvesting materials

  1. Nice harvest! Hey let me know of any workshops coming up as I tend to find out when they have been and gone! Angela

  2. Hi Angela, Lots of great materials to collect this year! I have an ‘Up and Coming’ page on my website that outlines my workshops. I also a Facebook Page that publicises my workshops as Events. Can you make use of these?

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