Goodwill sent to friends and colleagues

The enormity of our global health and financial crisis has hit and smaller yet incredibly important impacts are starting to reach their way into my consciousness. Many exhibitions and cultural experiences have had to close their doors and cancel due to Co19. Usually I would not have time to engage with much of the information that hits my email inbox but today I watched this lovely 10 minutes video about an exhibition that opened at Bendigo Art Gallery on March 20. I hope you have the time…

Bessie Davidson & Sally Smart – Two artists and the Parisian avant-garde.




2 thoughts on “Goodwill sent to friends and colleagues

  1. It’s a surprise to hear that Sally Smart is a relative of Bessie Davidson. What powerful knowledge it must be for Sally to have had. I look forward to seeing the exhibition sometime. Bessie Davidson’s painting La robe jaune is a stunning work. Sally always surprises and delights.

    1. Yes a real validation of the value of Artist at a young age. I do not remember seeing Bessie Davidson’s work in the flesh but Sally Smart’s solo show was very inspiring to view on an excursion in 1999 when I was studying Art at Monash University…

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