Wild Weaving at NAH

Wild Weaving was a community art project held last weekend (Sat 31st July and Sun 1st Aug) at the Newstead Arts Hub. A series of 4 workshops were held over 2 days when interested people from Newstead and beyond made birds out of a range of natural materials and added them to an evolving art installation. The installation featured vines, flowers, seed pods and leaves that were made using wrapping techniques by people with disabilities through the Studio Artz Program at Pinarc, in Ballarat.

The birds were made using the technique of cobbling, which is a kind of random stitching used to hold fibre together to create a form. Several natural plant fibres were provided, and I encouraged workshop participants to embark on a process of exploration and discovery when using materials. Some were familiar basketry materials such as red-hot poker, corn husks, day lilies and flax. Others I had never used before for cobbling such as giant and purple miscanthus. As I explored my garden, I collected fibre that seemed to have fibrous strength but was soft and pliable when dampened. The biggest success in experimentation with materials was the use of donated recycled rope that ended up being used to make many of the bird’s heads and bodies. Thanks to Chris from the Newstead Arts Hub who donated recycled rope from her collection.

I will publish images of the whole installation soon…..

A participant (Wild Weaving NAH in 2021) took her new skills home and created a couple more birds…well done Rochelle!

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