Visit to Tasmania

Last week I went to Tasmania to walk on Maria Island with my sister, which was a very memorable experience. There were a couple of kids on our guided walk who helped me collect and fill a random weave nest with soft things such as moss, lichen and feathers. I carefully wove the nest onto a branch and left it displayed on the mantlepiece at Bernacchi House in Darlington for other walkers to enjoy. The young guides were very interested in weaving as they had just been to the Good Spirit Festival in Bruny Island and learned some weaving skills. So I showed them how to make string and lavender wands from materials growing at Bernacchi House. On the way back to Hobart we made a detour to the Tasman Peninsula to visit Gwen Egg at Dignity Gardening in Nubeena. I was pretty happy to hang out with Gwen who is an absolute inspiration!!

The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival

DIGnity Gardening

and their Facebook page…


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