Basketmakers of Victoria annual muster

It was great to go to the annual muster held by the Basketmakers of Victoria who inhabit the historic cottage and stable at Wattle Park in Melbourne. The 3 day event was an informal social gathering of members that ended with a shared lunch on Saturday January 4. Members shared their skills during mini workshops held on the first 2 afternoons. Other members used the muster to catch up with friends while working on their own projects in the shade of a marque or tree. I gave a workshop “Basketry for Kids” showing members the weaving projects I teach kids with the hope of inspiring others to pass their skills onto the next generation!! We then made lavender wands and enjoyed the aromatherapy of medicinal lavender which is in bloom this time of year. A great way to bring in the new year…

IMG_3675Facilitating my workshop “Basketry for Kids”

IMG_3670Making lavender wands was the practical activity during my workshop.

IMG_3682Twining split flax (dyed and natural) taught by Margaret Balfe.

IMG_3685Sonya Everard showed others how to make these totemic structures with a range of materials in an example of collaborative art making…

IMG_3689Pat Dale’s personal project, blanket stitching recycled silks and other fabrics around cordage.

One thought on “Basketmakers of Victoria annual muster

  1. Hey Jodie, was lovely to meet you at the muster and being inspired by your random weave morning, I came home and trimmed, coiled and hung all the wisteria that needed taming and have been on the lookout for any other viney things that need a trim!! I love the muster, sitting chatting and making with awesome women-always look forward to more of those moments! Have a great week! Cheers Angela

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