Private commission in Glenlyon

It has been a yearlong process of making these sculptures…

I would like to start by thanking Margret, she has been a wonderful client, who trusted me with the direction of the work and was gracious about the time I needed to make it – a year in total!!

We met on her property in early January 2019 and she had a handful of words to inspire the work and I took it from there. The words were contemplation, serenity and birds. They are very process driven works as I am dedicated to recycling, it’s been central to my practice since the beginning. I was limited in my welding resources as I could cut and weld forms but I couldn’t heat and bend metal. These limitations informed the way that I worked and the structures that could be made.

The sculptures were installed on Saturday January 11th with the help of David Waters. David has a lot of experience working with diverse materials as a sculptor and he made the stone plinths that have added something special to the work. Margret’s friends then came to help celebrate the arrival of the sculptures at an opening party later the same day.

How I understand the forms

Art is subjective and each viewer will bring their equally important perspective to viewing them. But my ideas are…the butterfly wing that is suspended above the birdbath is one that you may pick up from the ground and wonder about the amazing patterns in nature. It is a fragment we hold up for a closer look to view and appreciate. It is not a design from scientific observation but from my imagination.

The large sculpture I view as an abstract bird where the focus is on the position of the wings so that flight is implied. There is a dominant wing shape which is an old cartwheel from a friend’s property in Mollongghip, and truth be told was the starting point for the work. Another wing shape steps out of this dominant wing shape to depict the fluttering of the bird’s wing, it implies movement.

Margret created the lead light pieces… and this small collaborative aspect to the project is a symbol of us working together to create something we are both are happy with. I had an Open Studio Sunday before last (January 5) when Mollongghip locals and members of my Fibre Arts Group from Bacchus Marsh called the Western Fibre Artists came to view the work. At this event people thought the glass pieces just finished the sculptures perfectly. I too think they add a highlight to the sculptures and are a great finishing touch.


6 thoughts on “Private commission in Glenlyon

  1. I love all Jodie but my favourite would be the water bowl. It conjures up ocean, shells, sails, wings and funnily enough a lovely octopus. Just beautiful – congratulations.

  2. Congrats Jodie on a fab new piece. The colours and texture of the weaving are truely reflective of your subject matter and your art practice. I love the collaboration with friends and the integration of other materials into the whole. 👏🍾🌹

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