Sourcing natural material

To all shy and hesitant weavers out there I encourage you to ask for natural material when you see it! When I noticed one of my hardenbergia (happy wanderer) suppliers had their fence damaged I was quick to text her about it! Someone drove into her fence and it was so badly damaged that over half had to be removed and rebuilt. Luckily I contacted her when I did as the builder was just about to put the hardenbergia in his truck to take to the tip. Always the opportunist,  I rushed over there today with my trailer to pick it up.

Hardenbergia is one of my favourite materials to random weave. So strong and supple, it has lovely colouration when it dries. As it is an evergreen it needs to be stripped of its leaves before I can use it. This takes hours and hours but I am not thinking of that today! Today it feels like Xmas…

Missing FenceTrailer FULL



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