Garden Structures in my veggie patch…

Covid19 is taking its toll in Victoria, so I wanted to share something I am pleased about with the hopes of raising even one persons mood! During Spring I am usually helping others make garden structures from wild willow at the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre. Since March 2020, 100% of my workshops have been cancelled so I had time to make structures in my own garden. I have a teepee that I can watch beans climb up and a tomato trellis that will house 4 large tomato plants. Fingers crossed that it is a good season for these lovely red and tasty fruit! In 2020, it is the small things that have made a difference to my mental and emotional outlook. To fellow Victorians, I hope you are all finding ways to manage and if not please ask for support…

4 thoughts on “Garden Structures in my veggie patch…

  1. Jodie. I have a fabulous idea. Why don’t you offer to come to homes.. and assist someone to create.. we pay you.. it’s Covid safe.. win win!

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