Nature did devour art…

In late 2018 I was Artist in Residence along the Biolink Walking Trial in Glenlyon. I spent time with locals weaving natural materials along the trail and objects made were left for walkers to enjoy. I recently went back to see how the work has weathered and was pleased to see that most of it is gone as it has disintegrated and decayed back into the natural environment. What was surprising were changes to the landscape since I spent time there. How a tree had grown and completely obscured a vista I had featured and how a large section of a tree I had adorned with 2 random weave baskets had fallen. Here are some photos to show how nature did devour art and that this art project did not cause harm to this beautiful place. If you are interested in looking at the work when it was made go to:

8 thoughts on “Nature did devour art…

  1. It’s wonderful that so many different people had the opportunity to collaborate with you on this- what a great project!

  2. Hi Jodie

    I was very interested to see your update on the Biolink Walking Trail in Glenlyon after a couple of years, ephemeral art like this is a delight, and it’s impressive that your random weave baskets appear unscathed despite the tree having fallen!

    I imagine that your long deferred Community Hall door decorating on Valentine’s Day was once again deferred! I was part of a Tempestry Project at Koroit Creek NH in January 2020 which was scheduled for exhibit in March, who knows when that might occur now.

    Jan and I have our names on the list with Creswick NH for the March workshop making a melon basket, and I am really hoping that it happens this time!

    Hope all is well with you, Cheers Jacki

    Jacki Bacon

    Home: 294 Hope Street, West Brunswick Victoria 3055

    Mobile: 0478 638 364


  3. Hi Jacki,
    I finally sit down to respond! sorry I have been so tardy…
    Yes yarn bombing the Mollongghip hall was cancelled again.
    I dare not say the next proposed date in fear I will jinx it!!!
    Third time lucky I hope!!
    I just emailed the Creswick Neighbourhood Centre to see how enrolments are going for the Melon Basket workshop on Sat March 13. I look forward to seeing you there…

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