Wild Weaving at NAH – Installation views…

Here are some pictures of the art installation that was created for Wild Weaving at the Newstead Arts Hub on the weekend of Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1. I have already posted photos of the workshops, but I didn’t take any good photos of the entire installation during the weekend…so here they are!

Last week I revisited the NAH and was able to take photos to show you, before de-installing. Unfortunately the installation was only open for a weekend due to Covid Restrictions and Lockdowns.

Just a reminder…the vines, flowers and seedpods were made by people with disabilities from Pinarc in Ballarat, using the technique of wrapping. These artworks were used as inspiration for the birds that were made by around 28 people from the community of Newstead and beyond during the weekend. We had 4 sessions of 7 people over the 2 days, to ensure we were Covid Safe. When participants finished making their birds they added them to the installation so that it evolved over the 2 day period.

4 thoughts on “Wild Weaving at NAH – Installation views…

  1. Jodie all the wrapped sculptures are beautiful.Would love to join in on a weaving day some time when life goes back to some kind of normal.

    1. I am so sorry you couldn’t make it, Kaye. It was quite special as everyone was thirsty for making and being together. They really appreciated this small gem of an event! I am holding off from booking another workshop at Newstead Arts Hub until the new year due to the shifting sands of Covid. You around in January to make boats?
      P.S. If restrictions allow I will be helping people make birds for the Buninyong Art Festival on Sat 15 & Sun 16 October called Buninyong ARTpreneurs…see link for booking…https://www.buninyongartpreneurs.com/jodie-goldring

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