A quick trip to the Muster…

This year it was a day trip to the Annual Basketmakers of Victoria Muster. I ran a workshop yesterday morning for a small group, who made gorgeous cobbled birds from a range of natural materials. Although disappointed I didn’t get to stay in Melbourne to socialise for the whole 3 day event, with Covid numbers increasing it was best to limit my visit.

Here are some pictures of birds made with materials like, sisal rope, corn husks, raffia, daffodil and jonquil leaves, split flax, coconut fibre and watsonia. Thanks to workshop participants and members of BOV who made it a very enjoyable day!

3 thoughts on “A quick trip to the Muster…

  1. Thank you for sharing Jodie! I was unable to attend … it was so lovely to feel connected to the day Xxlynn

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