Random Weaving at NAH

What better way to spend a wintery yesterday than random weaving at the Newstead Arts Hub. It was great to hear the chatter of the group, who seemed to really enjoy each others company. Some participants were there to revisit a technique and others to try something new. All keen to enjoy the tactile sensation of working with natural materials to make something handmade. Simple pleasures, in difficult times!

2 thoughts on “Random Weaving at NAH

  1. Thanks Jodie,

    Sorry to have missed it, looks wonderfully creative.

    I hope you do another birdie weaving workshop; I am working on some birds for the next Castlemaine Embroiderers Guild exhibition in March 2023.

    I love Justien Van der Winkel, Abigail Brown and the amazing work of Bryant Holesenbeck, Bryant is an environmentalist artist and very inspiring, I think you will like her work.

    Cheers Tina

    ‘I began my artist career as a basket maker using techniques passed down from ancient times to weave materials, I found in the natural world to make baskets. The sociologist in me knew that baskets had been replaced in our current culture with shopping carts and grocery bags. While I was studying what the indigenous peoples of the world used to make baskets in order to carry and store things, I looked at what we were using for these same purposes today. This propelled me to use human-made societal cast-offs to make baskets, and then sculpture and finally installation art about the large quantity of “stuff” produced and then thrown “away”. Currently I am using plastic bags and textile scraps to make the animals I see around me. And with the help of local communities, I am using plastic debris from our watersheds and oceans to make large-scale environmental installations.’ BH.

    Holesenbeck Brown Winkle

    1. Their work is amazing, especially Bryant’s! I ran a bird making workshop at CNC earlier this year, but only 2 people came (4 enrolled)! I am running another random weave basketry workshop at NAH on Sat October 15. I could help you create a random weave bird during this workshop. I would show others how to make the baskets and then show you how to create the bird. So I guess I am saying you would have to be patient and understand that the random weave baskets would take priority. But I am more than happy to offer this to you. Or if you had a small group of people, I could come to you and we could have a bird making day! Maybe email me to chat more about this…jodiegoldring@hotmail.com

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